garci, bitch

im on cam! come hang 

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the joke is i already forced rachelle to watch sherlock with me, every single episode, and she loved it, but she should also watch it again, with me,

waits patiently on skype for you to pick an episode

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someone should recommend a show for me to watch

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Word. My schedule for that week could be a pile of just about anything, but I’ll find out what’s cool and what’s happening. Too bad you aren’t 21 yet. I’d say something like “I’ll get my cookware ready” but honestly it almost always is.

yeah i understand that. we should at least try to get together for lunch/dinner/breakfast/ice cream/coffee/whatever your schedule allows ! do you still have my number?

i have a list of things i’m gonna do but i’m always looking to improve that list with local kicks (so far my list is pretty touristy) so let me know if you (or anyone else reading this) has any recommendations! 

  • fremont flea market
  • space needle duh
  • aquarium
  • pacific science center
  • hempfest ~!
  • that damn ferris wheel 
  • the first starbucks
  • elliott bay book co.
  • chihuly garden
  • kerry park 
  • kubota garden
  • and the seattle branch of my church

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What’s your favorite thing…?

i have lots of favorites




my phone

my boyfriend

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Drunk as drunk
Ask me shit

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j476j476 asked: Is your room PW protected for a reason?


i did a password show last night for someone who got me an amazon giftcard! it won’t be pw protected next time i cam. 

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Oh hey, you rolling out here? Dude, you gonna dig this town.

i’m going on vaycay! august 14-21. wanna hang out and cook me something? hahah. 

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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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looking at all the money ive saved for seattle

wowowowowowowowowowow im so excited

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I love my fellow Pet play and DDLG peeps but I get so annoyed when you guys post shit like “I’m not ashamed of my kink. I’ll do (insert fetish thing) in public around people”.

Because it’s not a matter of being proud of your kink anymore, you’re being a dick.

Yes, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of…

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When your online friend wakes up


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Me:I like when you tell me what to do.
Daddy:I like when you listen.
Me:I love you, Daddy.
Daddy:I love you too, princess.
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