garci, bitch

i love nicki’s new video

her dancing has improved so much and i think the product placement for myx is awesome

also unpopular opinion: i think the “fuck you skinny bitches” is the funniest part of the whole song 

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People who are assholes to airport employees smh

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reminds me of an old friend


reminds me of an old friend

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thank you seattle. 

i love you forever.

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The first rule of Fight Club is read it as a total highlight of everything wrong with masculine spaces because Chuck Palahniuk has no authority over his text (Roland Barthes said so).

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hanging out with weaponizedsymbols today awwwww yeahhhh

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Anonymous asked: Hello!! I hope you have a great day!! ^^



true love doesn’t exist and we’re all going to die a lot sooner than we ever wanted or planned to have a great day and don’t forget your towel

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i went to this place yesterday called black coffee and one of the rules was “no nonconsensual sexual activity” 

like, is consensual sexual activity okay??? i dont get seattle sometimes but its also awesome

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not ashamed to say that taylor swift is one of my problematic faves but man her new song fucking sucks

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Me:I already feel more capable and independent since I've been on this trip.
Papi:You're my big little girl.
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  • cool jazz music
  • met basedgodcondon !
  • got probably higher than i ever have before
  • rave tent
  • i bought a brownie sunday at the ben and jerry’s truck and the guy handed it to me with no spoon and so i was like “where are your spoons” and he was like “if you close your eyes and whisper then one will appear” and i was so fucking happy and goofy and glad he was fucking with me. that was probably the highlight of my day
  • crowded
  • first time doing edibles
  • walked a lot, blisters on my toes
  • typical stoner culture
  • although legalization would be awesome, i feel like stoners use people with disabilities to perpetuate their agenda of just getting really high
  • walked like two miles to get to the bus but i was high so i didn’t give a fuck
  • got sunburnt in seattle somehow
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